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Residential Design

Residential Permit Design:

At Lighting Saver, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient permit designs promptly, typically within just 6 hours* from the time of the design request.

Our solar permit designs encompass detailed plans specifically tailored to individual projects. These designs serve the crucial purpose of submission to utility companies and AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) for permit approval. Additionally, they provide invaluable guidance to contractors during the installation process.

With our unwavering commitment to quality, we achieve an impressive 98% acceptance rate across all AHJs. Our designs are meticulously crafted to facilitate the ease of obtaining PE (Professional Engineer) stamps for both structural and electrical components, ensuring compliance and credibility.

Our Commercial Permit Includes

Permit plans are customized documents for customers as per local Authority Having Judrisdiction (AHJ)

  • Cover Page (Summary)
  • Array Layout
  • String Layout
  • Single / Three-Line Diagram
  • Placards
  • Monitoring Details
  • Structural Plan
  • Catalogue Documents

Key highlights of Solar Permit Design

Residential and commercial - Sized Systems
Code Compliance

Electrical Codes: NEC 2008, NEC 2011, NEC 2014, NEC 2017, NEC 2020,etc

Fire Codes: IFC 2012, IFC 2015, IFC 2018, NFPA 1 2015, NFPA 1 2018, etc

Roof Racking Systems

Full support for IronRidge, Quick Mount PV, Everest, SunModo, SnapNRack, and Unirac pitched roof racking systems.

Roof types

Support for composite, tile, standing seam, and corrugated roofs.

PV Attachment Hardware

Support for IronRidge, Quick Mount PV, SnapNRack, SunModo, RoofTech, S-5 and Unirac attachment hardware.

Output Formats

Multiple PDF sizes(One-line diagram and three-line diagram are also available as a DWG).